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Community Bus 

The service runs to Mumbles four times a day from different stops in Bishopston and returns. There is also one stop in Caswell.

Check the timetable for details.







Concessionary bus passholders must present their pass for free travel.

Bus Driver
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Community Bus Update: 


Following a break in service caused by the former bus company going out of business, BCC and South Gower Community Bus – SGCB (Pennard and outlying villages) recommenced late last year by agreeing to share a four day a week service split by SGCB on Tuesdays and Thursdays and BCC’s service which runs on Wednesdays and Fridays. 


The service is a slightly scaled down version of the previous offering, with lower uptake times dropped to a more viable condensed timetable. 

The first time collaboration between the two areas has been fundamental to the services success as a two day service for either group is financially unsustainable and was financially unattractive to service providers.  The service had a few issues in its early days but has proved a hugely successful and helpful link to our small village communities and the larger more commercially diverse village of Mumbles. 


For the first time also the bus route was changed in response to the cancellation of some main bus services to Caswell, where residents had been left with no bus transport.  This route addition also means that there will be a two day service directly to the beach, shops, surfability project, access to the lower valley and its walks opening up options for travel without the parking or traffic issues which can be difficult and costly during the summer months. 


Going forwards we are having regular service reviews with the bus company and our partners who run the service as the South Gower Community Bus from Pennard, Parkmill and Ilston.  We hope to support an increase to their lower user numbers by the addition of stops along Portway and Northway within the near future; all route additions will be timetabled and published on social media and on 


The return of the service has been a huge success and well worth the many hours spent by our transport committee and various stakeholders.  The return of this essential service has been warmly received by all who use the buses, and we at BCC have plans to grow and develop the service according to need and demand.  The success so far has highlighted how collaborative working can bring tangible benefits to more isolated or rural communities.  


BCC would wholeheartedly like to thank our partners at DANSA and the wonderful route ambassador driver Cathy Chamberlain for going the extra mile and quite literally taking us on this exciting journey! 

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