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My Wife and I moved to Bishopston in February 2019, to be closer to our sons who also live in Bishopston and did so for some years prior to us moving here. We previously lived in Powys for 35 years, in the village of Llangynidr which is located midway between Brecon & Abergavenny.


I have varied experiences of both business and life in different types of community to bear in the context of where I now live. I was previously a community councillor in Llangynidr having been co-opted to the council after the elections in 2017 failed to return the required number of councillors. I continued to fulfil this role after I moved to Bishopston until the (delayed) elections in 2022, because having made a commitment, I believe in seeing through the responsibilities that come with that commitment. In the past, I have been a member of the Friends of Llangynidr Primary School and an elected parent governor of Crickhowell High School. I was a volunteer at the Rugby World cup in 2015 for the games played in Cardiff, and a ‘Meet & Greet’ volunteer at the 2017 National Eisteddfodd in Abergavenny ( as well as a member of the Eisteddfodd Community Choir). I currently work one afternoon per week as a NHS volunteer at Singleton Hospital. I believe that all of this experience will allow me to contribute successfully to the work of Bishopston Community Council. In my role as a Community Councillor at Llangynidr, I was chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the HR Committee, having been able to use my business experience in helping to manage these aspects of council business. In terms of business experience, I worked for over 35 years in Information Technology, firstly for Rolls Royce in Bristol and then for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, before the demise of the parent company (Hyder) led to the I.T. operation being taken over by a company called Logica, who I continued to work for until my early retirement in 2011.


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