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I am honored to hold the position of vice chair of the Community Council, having previously served as the chair until 2022. My dedication to the council spans over three decades, as I first became involved in 1993. With a deep-rooted family history in the village dating back 120 years, and having lived here my entire life, I possess a profound understanding of the community's needs.

Currently, I am proud to serve as the chair of the Recreation Facility Committee, a role that holds great significance for me. One of my primary responsibilities is the coordination of the annual Mayday event, which has continued to flourish, thanks to the collaborative efforts of fellow community councillors.

In addition to my community involvement, I have pursued a professional career in various roles, including secretary, nanny, foster carer (a role I continue to fulfill), and a teaching assistant at Bishopston Primary School for over two decades.

My ongoing commitment is to contribute to the betterment of our community and to ensure that it remains an exceptional place to live.

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