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I have lived in the Manselfield area for the past twenty-two years, along with my family and various pets. I also lived in Mumbles for some 20 years or so, and prior to that I grew up in the Northway area of our village. I attended Bishopston Primary School and went on to Gowerton Comprehensive School along with my contemporaries, as I sadly pre-date the advent of our own Comprehensive, although I do recall it being built.

I am a qualified Social Worker (DipSw Cert.H.Ed) by trade and worked for the local authority for over 24 years in a variety of roles including Community Work within an Area Social Work team, Complex Learning Disabilities services, Mental Health services, Child & Family services, and my longest stint as a Medical Social Worker saw me spend nine very happy years on the Wards of Singleton Hospital helping to arrange support and discharge arrangements for a very large an dynamic caseload. I concluded my Social Work career as one of two Complaints Officer’s for Social Services Department in County Hall, based within Legal & Democratic Services, prior to the birth of my son.

I became Director of our family business in 2007 and still conduct that function as part of my employment. I have also provided consultant support to local organisations such as 4TheRegion and have acted in a self-employed collaboration with an array of governing ‘think tanks’ and a number of third sector/voluntary organisations lending a business and or social and community perspective as required.

Whilst living in Mumbles, I was an active participant in both the Lifeboat and Coastguard

communities, serving for several years as an emergency radio operator in the Operations Room at Tutt Head. I have been a parent governor at Bishopston Comprehensive School for three years prior to being re-committed to a further term as a Community Governor. During the pandemic I was proud to work closely with a number of local residents to set up and run an informal support service for dependent or vulnerable residents including the legendary ‘Grub Club’ a concept born of me

providing hot Sunday dinners to my immediate neighbours, which grew to support so many during one of the strangest periods in our village history. This culminated in my decision to join the Community Council and I was elected to represent our community in the elections of 2022.


I am dedicated to providing my support to make this a village where the notion of ‘Community’thrives and where no resident or group is left unsupported or without a voice.

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