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Bishopston has been my home for over 10 years, having moved here from Herefordshire in 2013.  I first became a member of the BCC in early 2022 motivated in part by seeing how volunteers across the village had come together during the height of the pandemic.  Having helped with the Gower Isolation Support Group in some small way with food bank collections and leaflet drops, I wanted to do more to get involved in our community.


Like all members of BCC, I sit on various sub-committees, inclusive of the Recreation and Facilities Committee and the Finance Committee.


Highlights since joining the Council have, no doubt, been getting involved in the funding, planning and delivery of some memorable community events, namely the Platinum Jubilee and Coronation weekends, alongside the welcome return of the May Day celebrations.  It is great to see the energy and effort that the BCC team brings to these events; from the liaising with community groups and local traders in the preparation stages through to the tidy up phase long after everyone else has (hopefully) gone home happy.


I have worked in higher education for over 25 years and have personal and professional interests in the areas of play, physical activity, wellbeing, and sustainability.  As a result, I am keen that BCC works with community groups and residents to better appreciate what can be done to promote opportunities and good practice in these areas.

Outside of contributing to BCC, you will find me making the most of all that Gower has to offer – I am a golfer with some of the gear and not much of an idea, a recreational runner (thank you all Swansea Park Run volunteers), an occasional cyclist and perhaps never happier than when out exploring our beautiful coastline with friends and, or Ollie the Dog. It is also always lovely to help out with the Bishopston Community Group monthly coffee morning and to have seen this grow as a community activity thanks to the time and efforts of the Group’s star bakers.

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